Overseas Vacation? No use Complicated! 14 Things You Need To Prepare Before Going Abroad! Here are the tips!

Preparation before a holiday abroad is usually very troublesome and time consuming, and after arriving at the destination country, sometimes we just realize that something is left at home. Therefore, we need to prepare it in advance so that the preparation is more mature and not in a hurry. What important things do we need to prepare? Here are 14 preparations that must be done before we leave for Overseas :

1. Passport and Visa

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The most important thing if we want to take a trip abroad, wherever the country we want to visit, we must carry a passport. A passport is the most important document that must be carried because it is an international identity that must be possessed by someone who wants to enter and leave another country. Besides the passport is also needed when we will buy flight tickets to check in at the hotel. This passport must be carefully guarded so that it is not lost and it is mandatory for us to make copies or photocopies of our passports, both in digital or physical form. This is done just in case we lose or steal a passport. A copy of the passport is used as a backup document to get SPLP (Travel Document Like a Passport). SPLP is a travel document issued by the Indonesian Embassy when a citizen loses his passport. With this SPLP, even if the passport is lost, we can still return to our country. But still, we have to take good care of our passports. How to make a passport now is quite easy. You can read how to make passport, and follow the steps before you come to the immigration office in your area. Don’t forget to extend your passport 6 months before the validity period expires.

In addition to the passport, also know the visa application in the destination country. As for Visa-free countries, Check list country free visa for travellers Indonesian.

2. Look for Discount Vouchers

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Looking for discount vouchers is mandatory for those who want to cut money to save when ordering flight tickets, hotels, tourist attractions, transportation that will be used in the destination country to the vehicle for shuttle when returning home and going to the airport. All that can be searched online through several applications that provide ticket booking services. The tips are not to focus on just one application, collect several applications and choose among the cheapest applications. You can also buy tickets through a local ticket agent and they must be trusted.

3. Order Plane Tickets

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After searching for discount vouchers in several applications and we use these discount vouchers, then we can get a list of prices to compare. We can choose the cheapest price. The tip is to order your plane well in advance before we leave, because the tickets are a lot cheaper than we ordered a sudden ticket. Don’t forget to buy a round trip ticket.

4. Order Lodging

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Even though you are the type of people who are free with a flowing style like water and can sleep anywhere, finding and booking lodging when we are abroad is something that needs to be done. We need to book lodging long before departure, this is important because we should not get abroad but we are confused where to sleep. Lodging is as important as ordering a plane ticket. This lodging can be adjusted to the budget we want. The tip is to look for discount vouchers, so we can save on stays.

5. Know the Destination Country

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